Friday, February 27, 2015

Camel Love

Hey guys, hope y'all are doing well :) Post is supposed to be up one week ago, but I've got gastroenteritis, it sucks x( Then I went Guangzhou for Chinese New Year and all that jazz...
Back on the track, this camel long coat is from a local brand Wanko, which is good qualitied and well made. The 80% of wool makes it warm enough to wear little underneath even in cold weather. Chiffon top and blue jean skirt are from thirft shop if you wonder ,they went well with gold jewelries, as usual.

Hope you like this look,
Megan x

Monday, January 26, 2015

Long Journey

If you have followed my Intagram(@meganlwl), you've probably seen me wearing pants a lot lately.I'm feeling extra comfy in those wide-leg pants, I always go with long coat and they became the 'perfect concealer' for my body. I used to hate wearing pants as they expose the flaws of my body,especially after gaining weight lately. I was encouraged by my classmate to try these pants on and I liked it very much. I really like this shoot and I hope you like it too:)

Recently I have so much thoughts in my mind, wondering how to strive for better and to achieve my dreams, feel like its a long journey to go.. but yeah, I'm just try my best to do what I love.
Anyways, gotta rush for class now, stay tuned to the next post:)
Megan x

Thursday, January 15, 2015

White the way

Hey--I'm alive!Holidays were over, did you have a great one? I hope you all are doing well. 
So this is the outfits I wore on a coffee day with my friend. Was feeling cozy and wintery that day, so I decided to go 'almost' all white from head to toe, white long knit jacket, pleather skirt, platform shoes, and decided to glam up the look by adding purplely items. I picked this prurple floral shirt from Meegee, really love the pattern. The matchy socks were found in my childhood wardrobe, it's always good when you find old stuffs useful,no? Guess that's also the reason I love shopping in vintage shops too.
Until next time,


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas everyone!I'm finally on holidays now. Photos were taken few days ago,which is the date of my friend Timothy 's birthday. Hope you enjoy reading these random snapshots and foodie pic. Wish you all have a joyful Christmas with your love ones:)
Anyways, I need to go out now, bye for now:D 

Megan x

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Hey guys, finally I'm posting this outfit, if you have followed me on instagram, you'll probably have seen a few pictures of it. And yes, if you'll find the background familiar if you're are living in this city - its the famous fabric market(Sham Shui Po). The uncountable signboards are quite the signature of Hong Kong, more like the old Hong Kong. Okay, enough with the background. I was there with few classmates for selecting fabrics for our project, well it's all over though. The little LBD with the cage-like back makes it special and versatile, a good piece for Summer to Fall transistion. I wore a grey long sleeve turtleneck underneath to let the back detail pop out, I really like the whole look. BTW- these pair of Asos earthquake ankle booties are really walkable and I love them! Hope you like this look:)
until next time, 
Megan x