Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cool Blue

Thanks to typhoon No.8,I have an extra holiday today. Everything has been going on smoothly so far.I'm getting used to my new school life now, I love the campus and my new schoolmates. This look was shot in a so called ''snapshot spot'' around all fashion students in the campus. I thought my blue outfit would merge perfectly in the grey walls so me and my new friend Timothy decided to do some shooting there. I went all blue from head to toe, and I have to say that those blue shoes are very comfy enough to walk around the whole day in the campus while still be able to add some extra height. And just because I am so in love with blue recently,I even thinking of dying my hair into greenish-blue, but I am still hesitating due the damage effect of bleaching the hair.Should I dye it,no? 

Megan xx

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taipei Photo Diary + ootds

Hey guys!Haven't been here for a super long time and I am back finally. Basically everything is settled, my public exam was done, result was out and I am officially a fashion student now!
I traveled to TaiPei with my friends in the early month, and I hope you enjoy watching those random pictures that we took in TaiPei. I have been taking a long break since May doing my own stuffs(working,gathering,travelling etc.) and didn't have much time for outfit shooting but I am back now, and I am planning for some shooting!So Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading.

big love from
Megan xx

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Shoot by Krisha(check her out!) 
Sorry for lacking of posts recently and thankyou so much if you are still following me. I am having study leave right now,so basically one more month till my public exam start. Squeezed a little time to make a short update here, these shots were done by awsome Krisha previously when she was having a short interview with me(thanks Kris:P) ,so check her blog if you are interested!
I promise I will be back by May with things that I've been dying to do and share!
Stay tuned!
share one of my favourite songs to you all, 
hope y'all enjoy!

Good Luck everyone and to myself in exam x.x
Megs xx

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hold on.

choker & boots from Cotton On,ripped tights: D.I.Y.,others: random boutiquesThe first post for 2014, I know its super late again, so sorry guys! Just hold on, 3 months later I will be back!! After the public exam, I will be free! There are plenty of things that I want to do,like travel,shootings and all the jazz,seriously I cant wait!
The shoot was done with my friend Jonathan awhile ago. Wearing the usual black combo with some sliver tone jewelries,while the ripped tights was D.I.Y. by me, it was so much fun doing it.
Hope you enjoy reading this short post!

Megan xx

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Take a break

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Finally I am on my Christmas holiday,taking a short break. Cant believe its already a month since my last update, so if you are still following me, Thank you and sorry to make you wait so long:(
 I wore this outfit to gifts shopped with my best friend in TST a week ago. My outfit is inspired from the warmth of Christmas,besides wearing the default Christmas colours a.k.a. red and white,I decided to soften the look by nude pink and gold. The gold skirt can definitely glam up any outfits for holiday and yet maintain simple and chic with the nude pink sweater from H&M in this look.I also rocked with gold accessories and golden chain backpack to complete the warm christmas vibe. So let me know if you like this look? 
and I hope y'all have a joyful Christmas!

See you soon!

Megan xx